Structured Cabling

Optimal distribution of your voice, data, audio & video signals

SKIF Enterprises provides structured cabling solutions for all your data transport needs. We specialize in cabling for CCTV, Wireless APs, IP PABX and Data Centers. Through our network of partners, we provide highly scalabe, reliable and long lasting cabling solutions.
If you’re thinking about rewiring or reorganizing your current setup to prepare for growth, that’s well within our wheelhouse too. Our start-to-finish solutions include data center design, fiber optics and wireless design & implementation.

CAT6 Cabling

We provide cabling solutions for various types of deployments.

Ethernet cabling is the most common type of transport medium in the world. Our highly skilled team can help you cater to your passive networking needs. From Cable laying to termination, tagging & testing, we provide a complete end to end solution.

OFC Cabling

Lightning Speed Data Rates. Literally!

Through our technical team, we can help you establsih an OFC netwrok across long distances that can cater to huge amounts of data. OFC solutions are on the rise due to an increase in data demand over larger distances. Our team can handly the laying, splicing, termination & tagging of your entire OFC Network.

Our Partners