Service Level Agreements

Focus on what really matters. Your Business!

SKIF Enterprises provides hassle free infrastructure management through a series of service level agreements. We provide different levels of coverage for power and networking infrastructure depending on client's needs and budget.
We can provide active monitoring SLAs, Incident Response SLAs, Heath Check SLAs etc. to suit all your needs and budget. We offer standard business hours working day support or an extended package for all day every day coverage. Get in touch with us and we can provide a tailored proposal for you.

Network SLAs

Complete peace of mind through our extensive coverage.

A wide variety of SLAs are offered for networks. Our team of network specialists can handle any type of network and uptime requirements. We offer set SLAs or flexible SLAs tailored to the client's requirements. We can provide managed infrastructure or can be commisioned to respond to any incidents that might happen within an agreed upon time frame. The flexibility in scope and response time can result in a full proof system for critical infrastructure or one that is easy on the budget but provides basic care.

Power SLAs

Don't ever go dark again.

Our power team can help you ensure availability of all systems without having to worry about power issues. Power is an issue for every organisation due to circumstances beyond their control. However, how and to what extent you are affected is your choice. We provide a complete range of short backup and long backup solutions to our clients. SLAs can cover breakdown and performance issues. Like the network SLAs, the level of coverage is dependant on the client and can be one for complete coverage or partial health check based service.

Printing SLAs

Print all you want.

We provide printing SLAs for organisatons of all sizes. There are two main types of SLAs. We can provide the printing machines and maintain them including parts and labor. Client will only be responsible for paper and toner availability. The other solution completely absolves the client of all responsibility and we take care of everything from machine to paper. This type of SLA is charged on a per paper print basis and requires volume considerations to qualify. No matter which one you choose, you can be sure that our services will never let you down.